Well Hello!

I’m Vanessa.


Although I go through regular shifts in how my identity chooses to express itself there are a few things that seem to stay solid.



And I am passionate about giving others permission to own all parts of themselves.

I am here to let you know that you are empowered as fuck when you OWN ALL OF IT.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 4.57.45 pm

The wild, the sexy, the vulnerable, the brave, the scared shitless.

Embracing your humanness, your messy, your expression, your fears, your bloopers, your awkwardness is how you will ACCESS YOUR BRILLIANCE.

Perfectionism is over. It’s time to get real and raw. To drop the bullshit, the masks and walls, feel all the feels and say yes to yourself fully.

That is how you will access true spiritual connection, real depth and intimacy with others and an authenticity in yourself that will set you free.

I do this in many ways. Whether it’s birthing and running businesses, mentoring others, facilitating, speaking, making music and films, writing and in general how I live and share myself.


What Others Are Saying..


“Truly an inspiration, a born leader, a facilitator of change, a revolutionary”

“Your energy is deliciously raw, real and so welcoming.”

“You had me captivated, intrigued, aroused, confused, and uncomfortable all at the same time.”

“A divine, contemporary feminist in action”


Professional Bio

Vanessa is a visionary, leader, role-model and trailblazer for feminine expression. Known for her rawness, realness, courage & vulnerability she is a powerful permission granter and the creatress of Dancing Eros. She is passionate about creating spaces, experiences and offerings that give people total permission to be fully authentic, fully connected to their desire and unapologetically express ALL aspects of who they are. Vanessa is a prolific writer, speaker, artist and business woman. She has been the founder and co-creator of various successful movements (Celebrating Sexuality, Mother Tongue) and bases herself in Byron Bay, Australia. Australia.


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