Being In Integrity With Yourself

How do you know you are in full integrity with yourself?

Integrity – meaning your body, mind, heart, sex, spirit etc are all aligned with each other and on the same page (i.e you’re not denying one aspect of yourself to fulfil the needs of another)

One way that has become very clear to me (this is for the women) is the emotional symptoms I experience before my period. – i.e PMS

I have experienced A LOT of bad PMS symptoms in the past – the time before my period being a full on emotional, terrible time (for me and everyone around me!) That intense, imbalanced PMS state was showing me there was stuff for me to deal with to get all parts of me in alignment.

Being a raging bitch before you bleed can be just put down to hormones – but my experience is there is much more to it than that.

The time before we bleed is when the unconscious is starting to rise to the surface – the veil between our mind and our emotional body becomes thinner and the shit we haven’t dealt with or faced within ourselves and our lives comes to the surface in an extreme form of crazy ‘irrational’ thoughts, emotions, etc.

I am about to bleed and I can feel AMAZING – Rather than waking up hating the world and being a crazy bitch – I feel emotionally deep, creative and powerful. I can feel life energy pumping through me. I made my breakfast this morning with this track on repeat crying and crying, feeling the beauty and perfection of existence in all its chaos and pain and bliss and stillness. (P.S There was a time when songs like this made me fucking spew because I was so rejecting my devotional self!)

This IS possible for you!

We should NOT be feeling like a fucking crazy person and experiencing emotional or physical pain before our period – this is some part of ourself screaming out trying to let us know we are off.

I’m really passionate connecting to and working with your menstrual cycle on a really deep level and this topic is going to be one of the modules I’m going to cover on this new online program I’m creating (it will come out around the same time as dancing eros online), which is essentially a program where I share all the foundational practices, mindsets, and resources that I have collected over the years to feel now like I am really in my grounded, embodied power as a woman. I’m going to be bringing in different experts from different fields and it’s going to AMAZING! – Let me know if you’re keen to find out more and I’ll keep you posted with more info soon.