Haters Gonna Hate

Backlash and criticism…It’s always gonna happen.

That’s why so many people never put themselves out in the world publicly. Why they are terrified of it and remain silent lurkers and likers on social media, consumers of other peoples creations and offerings but not daring to bring their own. the only difference between a public figure who influences and someone that doesn’t is the decision to be in the ring, that decision is an edgy scary thing if somewhere in us we are attached to being liked by everyone.

The reality is whatever you do there will always be equal challenge and support in every response.. No matter how beautiful, how high your consciousness is. how pure your intention, people will disagree, get offended, not like you. there are infinite beliefs, attitudes and experiences on this planet, infinite truths, but unfortunately many of us are so attached and identified with our beliefs and opinions that when you put anything out there for people to see – it’s one hundred percent going to move some deeply and trigger the fuck out of others.

For every famous person who has a million fans they have a million haters. If you want to be a force on the planet, influence many people and make big change the reality that not everyones going to like you MUST be faced and accepted.

I have seen so many prolific sharers of content and creations tell me that they never read the comments or critics as it just gets too much. I tend to agree and can feel I need to start doing that again now that i’m committed to being back in the public, not because i’m attached to my opinions but because I just don’t have the time.

I am here to share in whatever way inspires me in the moment – I’m not here to get in an online debate. I’ll happily discuss all this in person if we meet and at my events – but I actually am not interested in chatting here about who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’, or discuss whatever technicality I breached in that paragraph or whatever triggered you in my language. That would actually be a full time job and I don’t get paid for my Facebook posts – so, no! Please if you don’t like it – the block button is really handy and I use it often.

This is my space and my expression channel to share whatever the hell I want on it and I’m not going to let the backlash shrink me back this time. Yes, sometimes what I say will be stereotyping and dramatic and disregard a whole other chunk of reality. But I’m not going to water down a point of view just so every side of the coin is covered and EVERYONE IS SATISFIED.

The reality of it is – EVERYTHING IS TRUE.

People are fucked and they are amazing. I am unstoppable and I am really fragile. The planet is dying and it is transforming rapidly. Mentally ill people are medicated mystics and they are not. ALL THINGS ARE TRUE and I’m aware of that, but any time we put anything into words we are essentially chunking down, boxing and stereotyping the universal soup that reality is all vibration and energy anyway. so – take it easy!

If you vehemently disagree with the one sliver of a reality I put forward in any moment – GREAT – use it to fuel your own creations and magic of the message YOU WANT TO SHARE with the people that would benefit from you! Be grateful rather than angry at me that I triggered you so much and go be the change you want to see.

Seriously, please stop highjacking my shit and go do your own thing and spread your message to YOUR PEOPLE. I really believe there is a better use of our energy than disagreeing and nitpicking with others and that is focusing on creating what we want. I know every time i’ve wanted to do that it is when I’m sitting in my resentful consumer rather than my empowered creator.

And that’s all i have to say about that.

(said in a forest gump voice)