Freedom Doesn’t Come For Free


We think we want it but we continually choose something different.

Because when you actually wake up to the fact that you actually already are free and that your life circumstance is 100 percent up to you – where you live, what you do for work, who you spend your time with, how you contribute to the world, your capacity – ALL OF IT.

When your eyes open to see that it is in your hands, Suddenly you are popped out of any expression of victim mentality. Suddenly you cannot blame your limitations on anyone -not your parents, your conditioning, your environment, god, society – anything.

To know freedom is to know the terror of the limitless creative void that we are constantly sitting in the centre of.

The illusion we have is that freedom is easy.

But Freedom is to take 100 percent responsibility for your life which really isn’t.

Freedom isn’t just bliss its also equally a pain in the fucking ass sometimes.

To see that this life is an infinite playground of potential and you are in fact constantly weaving the web you live in is courageous, terrifying and full on!

To sit in the burn that you are the one choosing the thread, the pattern, the design and life is one massive blank space for your spinning.

I️ think most people on this planet would rather never ever face the epic responsibility that comes with that.

Would rather think this life is just the hand they have been dealt rather than seeing in fact that they are the one shuffling the cards.

That this is not just the ‘way things are’

When you realise you are free you realise your absolute responsibility to do something with that freedom and to sit in the centre of the burning searing pain when you do not.


Fuck that.

Take the blue pill instead and have another drink.

Or – Choose something else.

But if you want freedom then recognise what you are actually signing up for.

That that level of self honesty and knowing is not always pleasant.

Freedom is not all bliss and rainbows, laptop lifestyles and sexy Instagram shots.

If u truly want to be free strap yourself in for a ride.

The beauty, terror, bliss, pain, pleasure, fear, ecstasy, trauma


Strap yourself in for All of it.