If You’re Not Being Regularly Humbled By Life – You’re Doing It Wrong.

In a world where success, getting to the top, and being an ass kicking badass powerhouse is often the desired outcome for a life well lived… I think humility gets an underrated rap.

To regularly find yourself in a place of ‘wow there is so much I don’t know’ reflects a much deeper wisdom than thinking you’ve always got it sorted.

I always think of that iceberg analogy that we really only have conscious awareness of the tiny tip visible above the water, while the other 80/90 percent of what’s going on is down below the surface and a complete mystery to us. We can only process so much of reality at once and this is just fact.

And that fact is, in the grand scheme of things we don’t know shit.

Recognising our smallness is just as valuable as being big, bold and out there. Feeling that we are but a tiny insignificant blip on the epic landscape of existence allows us to not take ourselves or life to seriously.

Over the past year or so much of my ego has been torn to bits around this. Mountains of false pride and naive arrogance ripped out from under me and although many times I’ve wanted to die and felt like I was, the continual gift that I’ve received from the process is that it has softened me.

It’s made me more compassionate, more receptive, humble and real. My mind has become less fixed and rigid about how things are or who I think I am and I feel more connected rather than seperate from life.

I find now that I’ll regularly have a belief or make an assumption about something or someone and an hour later have reality present me the complete opposite perspective. I think that’s able to happen because a level of rigidity in myself has dropped.

I’m not talking false humility that comes from a sense of shame or low self worth. That shit is just as damaging as a big boasting ego.

I’m talking about genuine humility as a space where we do not feel we are better OR worse than anyone, but the same as.

I’m talking about actually being strong enough in yourself to hold your ideas about who you are and how the world is lightly and to be willing to have your perspective changed in an instant.

Feeling regularly humbled by life is a beautiful thing. Because it means we are genuinely evolving. It means we are tapped into life beyond our own ego and narcissism. It means we are letting ourselves be soft enough to be transformed.

Life wants to open us, grow us, take us deeper and is constantly giving us opportunities for it.

Walking in the world with humility and receptivity is a super power that requires a huge amount of courage, surrender and letting go of control.

To love getting your ass kicked as much as you love kicking ass.

To enjoy having your ego handed to you on a plate as much as you enjoy nailing that shit.

To relish the feeling of vulnerable insignificance alongside your huge limitless supernova capacity.

That is true power right there.

That is a life being well lived.