Leaky Sexual Energy

I’ve been pondering leaky sexual energy a lot lately.

The how and why of my own leaks and the leaks of others.

For anyone who’s ever been around the spiritual/tantra worlds you have likely experienced what I mean.

Gurus with no professional boundaries. Healers who hold that hug just a few seconds too long. That feeling of playing with another person’s (or multiple persons’) energy field in a way that feels hooky, dirty, manipulative or just ‘off’.

Yes ‘we are all one’ and ‘it’s all love’ on the highest level, but we are also individual humans with very real boundaries, roles and hierarchies of power.

I’ve been recognising lately that the whole leaky energy thing essentially comes from a lack of integration between the human self and the spiritual self.

A person sloshing all over the place has often developed and matured their consciousness and energetic ability, but hasn’t done half the work on their egoic, personal, psychological wounds.

No matter how many asanas, healing practices, energy orgasms, or meditations we have done, our smallest, youngest self is still the one running our most primal behaviour.

Being an energetic, magical, orgasmic powerhouse does not mean we do not have an inner child that if left unattended causing havoc in our life and running the show.

When we have an inner child/teenager that is wounded and has its own unmet needs for validation/attention/significance/love, and ALSO have this highly developed spiritual consciousness and power running through all those patterns – We basically get a damaged little kid with a powerful book of spells making a big fat mess.

The process of learning how to have a healthy relationship to your sexual energy and life force power where you can choose when to express and when to contain is the process of healing your undealt with childhood stuff so you can be clear that your expression is moving through an integrated and essentially clear vessel.

When the powerful voice of Oz and the man/boy woman/little girl behind the curtain become one and the same, you get an air tight container where you are completely clean and clear in the flow of your juice. Others will trust you and feel safe around you and you can trust your desires and intentions are in full integrity – and no more leaks!

If you desire to connect more with your inner child AS WELL as have stronger boundaries when you come across those with leaks – I’ll be covering that in my new online program for womens power starting soon! Subscribe to hear about that when it’s out!