She Dances For You

Have you ever had a woman dance for you?

Dance and grind down the divine for you?

Gifting you with her opening,

Blessing you with her pleasure.

Have you ever?

Have you ever had a woman dance for you?

Setting you free from your mind with the softness of her thighs,

Cuming in service to your consciousness.

In sensual devotion to your depth.

Have you ever?

Have you ever had a woman reveal who you are with her ripple of her flesh?

Every flick of her hair and curve of her hip.

Every inch of her, in service to you.

Have you ever had a woman dance you back home into yourself with her sex?

Have you ever had a woman dance for you?

Her body flowing like liquid. Skin shining, eyes yearning, hips twirling?

Wordlessly speaking to you of the mysteries of the universe.

Inviting you to face your delicious death through her cunt.

Have you ever had a woman dance for you?

Because deep down you both know all your theories and philosophies aren’t really you.

And neither of you really want to be standing in the kitchen talking about your day.

Have you ever had a woman dance for you?

Not because her little girl she needs you.

But because her woman wants to be met by your man.

Because her woman knows that she can give you something that no one else in your life can.

Because her woman wants to open you.

So she does.



Have you met it within yourself? has your man?


Right now I keep reflecting on the absolute fucking power we have as women to sexually open men and how very few women have met that power within themselves or are choosing to offer it because it takes huge courage and vulnerability to do so and a massive dose of owning our feminine power.

I’m talking about conscious use of our beauty, radiance, sex and body to open another.

I’m talking about seduction.

Not as a manipulation tool but as a gift, as an act of devotion and service.

Sexual spiritual seduction, not as a weapon to get something, to manipulate or take.

But as a deeply loving, opening gift.

Unfortunately there is often so much shame, trauma and conditioning around sex being degrading and dangerous that we often don’t really know how to do even seduce ourselves let alone another. it is absolutely essential we learn how to access pleasure, movements, sound and connection for our own connection first, then we can start to bring those gifts into our relating.

From what I know (yes this is definitely from personal experience!) instead of women being fully owning that they are the priestesses of their relationships depth. When shit isn’t going our way in intimacy it goes a little something like this…

Processing, reflecting, discussing, verbalising our frustrations, needs and desires, sharing our improvements for intimacy and our our 1,2,3 demand list for our happiness. Deep furrowed brows. Grumpiness. TALKING.

“What he needs to do to grow, why things aren’t working, what he needs to stop or start doing, what doesn’t feel good etc etc etc. “

blah blah blah fucking blah.

Why do we do this instead of putting on some music and slowly taking our clothes off!?

(which would be way more effective!)

Because it’s risky to put ourselves on the line like that.

It’s safer to stay up in the head. be logical, give ‘feedback’

Because we have SO MANY confusing messages about our sexuality as women that the charge and conditioning of this is friken high. So many messages that every man should be sweeping us off our feet carrying us off into the sunset constantly that our expectations are through the roof.

It’s way more fucking vulnerable and exposing to reveal the deepest parts of our essence.

So instead sit there like passive victim little girls. listening, feeling knowing our men are talking/acting from bullshit. We sit there not feeling met, desired or impressed so we opt for one of the few completely disempowering and unsuccessful responses.

– Complain and whinge

– Offer constructive ‘feedback’

– Shut down and become a frustrated, resentful, passive, agreeable mute. (who eventually loses her shit about the dishes)

– Leave in hope to meet a better man who will do all the work and open you constantly, requiring jack shit of our own spiritual sexual offerings because he will be a tantric perfect casanova and we will be happy and satisfied forever!

It’s much easier to do one or all of the above than to recognise your sexual power as a woman in a relationship and make the deepest vulnerable exposing choice to offer it.

It’s way more courageous and edgy to zip down his pants and give him a blowjob than it is to offer him advice. To turn down the lights, put on some candles, begin touching yourself, moving, moaning, dancing for him to take him deeper.

What if you’re rejected?

What if you’re called a slut?

And WHAT IF your man instantly pops right out of his head and into his body? What if he feels worshipped and blessed by you and sees you as the powerful sexual goddess that you are?

Isn’t that what we are all wanting?

This is about recognising that our body and expression is absolutely one of the most powerful sacred transforming forces we have and not offering that is robbing ourselves, our man and our relationship of it’s true potential.

If you want to be just good friends with your man then ignore all of this and continue what you are doing. If you enjoy hour long discussions about what’s working and not working. Ignore this. If you want something more – this is it.

This is not about selling ourselves, objectifying or using ourselves this is about recognising the deep, potent sacred power of our sex and our bodies and consciously offering it to SERVE those that we love.