The World Outside The Workshop Bubble

I have essentially spent most of the past 9 years in the conscious community, workshop, healing bubble.

Creating, leading and being part of spaces very outside of ‘normal’ mainstream society.

Magical rituals and ceremony, spaces which encourage full shameless freedom, spaces which invite total sexual emotional expression, places where there is deep sensitivity and feeling and conscious acknowledgement of what is beneath the surface of the physical world, spaces where there are boundaries and agreements and consent containers at every turn, yah that world – those familiar with this know what i’m talking about.

Although has been an amazing journey, I’m in a place right now where I am becoming more interested in the power of integrating all that I am and have received from these spaces back into society and embracing the world outside the workshop.

There is huge power in the healing bubble, don’t get me wrong.

In those time in our life when we are opening and uncovering new parts of ourselves and releasing conditioning and limitations we have taken on from the outside world, it is often valuable and sometimes absolutely necessary to remove ourselves from people and places that challenge, threaten or stunt this process. These new ways of being are fragile and its almost like in this first stage we often have to protect ourselves like a freshly planted seed. It is common in the times when we are building a new shape of who we are that we can really only handle having people and places reflect back to us who we are consciously becoming and we have to reject the rest.

This is a healthy and important part of the growth process.

But I believe there comes a point where all these requirements becomes a limitation in our journey.

When we won’t go to a family gathering because we just don’t resonate with our relatives.

When we won’t attend a nightclub because of all the drunk people bringing down our vibe.

When we won’t catch public transport because our nervous system doesn’t handle the stimulation well.

When we have a lot of ‘that’s not me anymore’ stuff going on its really worth looking at whether this is part of a healthy self preservation phase or actually just spiritual bypass bullshit. it’s worth taking note whether you are becoming more enlightened or more precious, non-resilient, judgemental and rigid, rejecting of whole aspects of what it means to be human and it projected it ‘out there’

If we can only be free and expressed in a conscious container or with a tribe of likeminded souls – are we really free?

I’ve been exploring this a lot lately.

Heading to festivals and nightclubs on the weekends, going to ‘non spiritual’ events by myself, embracing my family of origin, dropping my judgements around what is a conscious or unconscious space or person and really re-opening into the world in all its colours, characters and flavours.

It’s been showing me a lot.

I’m seeing hidden parts of my self coming to life that just couldn’t inside the conscious bubble.
I’m experiencing triggers and learnings and openings that I couldn’t receive inside a space where all the safe consensual boundaries were firmly held.
I’m learning new tongues and translation skills (as well as where i’m full of shit) by conversing with those that speak another language.

I’m learning all this by actually being out of the bubble and really living what i have been processing for so long!

I think the personal development world is truly amazing and a path I encourage everyone to explore. However there is also a shadow that can occur within these worlds after being pretty deep in them for so long and that is when we don’t know how to not be in them.

The problem starts arising when rather than integrating all those learnings and sharing it back out into society at large – we get stuck in the bubble of healing as a way of hiding from the original wound that created that bubble it in the first place!

We create these sheltered utopian communities usually in support of our wounded parts that never got it but we end up with a bunch of likeminded folk and become completely disconnected from the rest of the world and reality not wanting to go where it kind of hurts, where it’s messy and awkward and challenging and gritty and raw. Where we aren’t held in cotton wool constantly by people who ‘get us’ and speak our language and match our vibe.

And we end up not really integrated at all.

The bubble is where we go to heal and release and learn and grow, through ritual and process work and reflection and cushiness.

But its not all there is and its not really where the growth really happens.

The growth happens in the actual trenches of living. In spaces where there is adversity and challenge and unfamiliar places and people who don’t understand you and things that make you go ouch and shit and ohhhh..

We learn through contrast just as much as sameness.
We grow through challenge just as much as support.

Outside of your area of power and expertise, outside your womby community where its really comfortable, outside of the bubble of what you know…

Are you powerful, free, confident, loving and anchored then?

I’m not shaming the bubble here. The beauty of tribe and familiarity and the power of processing and healing. What I am calling out though is the massive danger of hiding in it and the huge power to regularly be where there is none of that.

Where you are alone, where you are not met or held or validated by your tribe. Where you are not learning or healing or working on becoming something. But simply being. enjoying the fruits of your healing. Serving those that need you and being with what is sometimes difficult to feel and face about yourself and your relationship with the world outside and also just having some fucking fun!

it’s so important to have regular doses of both.

Once you’ve received the tools, you’ve received the embodiment, you’ve got the ability to feel your emotions and clear your shit and be in your power – make sure get out there and live too.

It can be scary. But moving beyond the workshop conscious community bubble builds your self knowing.

The ability to hold your own energy, power, expression, boundaries and anchor yourself no matter where we are or who you are surrounded by is where true power is really tested and revealed.

And the bubble is always there when you need it


Because by rejecting aspects the world as ‘not conscious’ or worthy of your time and energy we perpetuate the separation that our new age philosophies are harping on about transcending.

We strengthen the divide between ‘us’ and ‘them’.

be the bridge. walk across it regularly.

There is no us and them.

There is simply a cushy womb and a wild world.

And we need both.