Why I Dance Every Day

I’ve been making it a practice to dance every day, whether it’s in my bedroom, or out at a gig, or club, or party. Dancing brings aliveness to my body – it helps me get unstuck from my rigid overthinking and gets me into my flow and my feeling.

My dancing is for me – it’s to open my body and let go, dancing for pleasure and play, feeling and freedom. Sometimes it’s slow and soft, nurturing and emotional. Sometimes it’s sexy and wild and dark as fuck – depending on how I’m feeling.

I often film sections of my dance as well – then I watch it back, loving and appreciating myself yes, but also noticing where I’m still holding back, controlling my body and losing presence.

Just taking it in – not being critical – but just noticing and learning about myself. Because the body DOES NOT LIE. It is the reflection of the psyche inside. How flowing, free open and fluid our body is is how open and flowing and free and fluid our emotional and mental self is. As Shakira says – your hips don’t lie – neither do your breasts, or your arms, or your legs, or hands, or face – your movements are expressing how open you are.

That’s why I’m so passionate about dance, and particularly non choreographed erotic dance (@dancing eros) as a medium for opening your body beyond shame and judgement and fear about your full emotional, sensual and sexual range of expression.

This is in a little section of the dancing eros book that is in the process of being edited and cleaned up right now. (Anyone know a good printer who prints oracle cards!?)

“Our body parts hold our memories, our stories, our fears and our desires. When we let go and dance – when we follow pleasure, when we come back to the naturalness of how our body wants to move rather than how it’s been taught to move, we can let go bit by bit of the prison of our conditioning.

So put on some music – and dance. Touch your body. Roll your hips like you’re making love to yourself. Stroke your hair. Let your body flow, open and unravel the stiffness and rigidity that can come so quickly in a world that is so shutdown from feeling.

Dance for your pleasure, not for anyone else’s. Dance not to turn anyone on or to impress or tempt, or to get it right, or to compete or get the perfect score.

Dance for YOURSELF – to unleash, uncover, and discover freedom in your flow.