Want to Work With Me?

It is so important to have people on your side supporting you to go to the places you may not be able to take yourself.

supporting you to see what you may not be able to see.

who hold you accountable when you are freaking out.

call you on your shit when you are playing small.

reflect back to you your brilliance and your shit so you can become more integrated, whole and living from the truth of your soul.

We are not meant to do this life alone and it is so important we have others to guide us in different areas of life at different points in time who have been there.

I’ve been to many places and am pretty ruthless in my journey with truth and power.

The way I work is unique and tailored to you. I’ve got a lot of skills and experience

Whether it being an ongoing connection together with monthly sessions and homework assignments, an initiation intensive over a few days or a week where we work solidly together in person,  or just a one off session to cut through the bullshit and get you clear about what’s going on, what you need or where you are heading.

If you are feeling the pull to receive from me and connect send me an email at vanessa@vanessaflorence.com with a bit about you and why you want to work with me and let’s see if it’s a fit!

(If I don’t think I can help you I will definitely know who can)



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